Ensuring your car is running at peak performance and efficiency is key to prolonging the life of your vehicle, having a regular service is vital to keeping your car running and feeling at its best. At Pete Wilson's we offer all levels of servicing from a quick oil and filter change to full service and at a very competitive price.



We also offer a battery testing and replacement service. Keeping your battery in tip top condition is critical to the reliability of your vehicle, so it's worth getting it checked over.

Starters & Alternators

The alternator ensures that there is a constant flow of power to all of your electrical equipment in your car as well as charging the battery. On the rare occasion that your alternator should fail we can supply and fit a new alternator to get your car back up and running again. We can also test and repair starter motors.

ECU stands for Electronic Control Unit which can control various system on your vehicle, such as engine, gearbox, abs, airbag, central locking etc. Sometimes these can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Or if not possible we can supply, fit and programme a new one.

Here at Pete Wilson Auto Electrics we specialise in car diagnostics and take pride in being able to offer our customers unprecedented service by being able to bring Dealer Level diagnostics equipment at a slice of the price.

Warning lights on your dash board/instrument panel could be caused by a number of things and other garages may not have the dealer level tool which gives you the ability to test more in depth i.e looking at fault codes and live data resulting in less time to fix the problem and no unnecessary parts fitted. Here at Pete Wilson's, using our dealer level diagnostics equipment we can diagnose the problem quickly therefore being able to inform you of how to rectify it and having in turn getting your car back on the road as soon as possible.


If you have just bought a caravan or just need a Towbar to pull a trailer then look no further then Pete Wilson's. We supply and fit Witter towbar's as well as maintain and repair existing towbar systems.


We offer both exhaust repairs and replacement, after checking your exhaust system for you it may not always be necessary to replace an entire exhaust system. We fit both well-known and budget brand exhausts. Please call us so that we can check your exhaust over and offer the best honest advice on fixing or replacing your exhaust system.


Having your vehicles clutch replaced is generally rare, the frequency of clutch replacement can vary depending on driving style and road conditions, some signs that your clutch may need replacing are over revving or an unpleasant smell coming from a hot clutch. If you suspect your clutch may need replacing then please give us a call so that we can check it over for you.


Squeezing into those tight parking spaces can be awkward at the best of times even with a friend helping you. You could avoid those unwanted bangs and dings by having a set of our parking sensors fitted. The process of fitting is simple and we also offer a repair and replace service on cars with existing parking sensors which may have failed. Give yourself parking peace of mind and call us to get a quote on a set of parking sensors for your car.

Protecting your car from theft and deterring malicious damage can give owners peace of mind. If you require some extra peace of mind and protection for your car we offer many competitive and affordable options of alarms and immobiliser replacements and fitting. We stock alarms from well-known brands such and TOAD, SIGMA and Laser line.

ECU testing




You arrive at your car to find that you press the unlock button on your key fob and nothing happens or maybe you misplace your keys and require a new one. Whatever the case at Pete Wilson's we can cater for any circumstance from a simple battery replacement to recoding your key back to your car and even a new replacement key all at a very competitive price. We can also cut new keys and programme them as required.

Lots of cars these days come equipped with good quality sound systems, but for those who want that little extra something whether it be a DVD head unit player or new speakers and subwoofer we can offer a very competitive price for supplying and or fitting any type of stereo or sound system to any car. We also supply and fit DVD head rests to work with any existing or standalone DVD system as well as supplying and fitting iPhone adaptors allowing you to play music from your iPhone in your car.

As everyone knows using your phone whilst driving can be very dangerous, as well as earn you unwanted points on your licence. Here at Pete Wilson’s we supply and fit Parrot and Bury hands free kits to any car. As well as being able to speak on the phone safely whilst driving you can also stream music from your compatible mobile device straight to your car, and in some cases with no wires via Bluetooth.

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